New iOS 8 keyboard lets you sketch text messages

Emoji may not be the only pictures appearing in your iOS 8 messages from now on, following the launch of the DrawType keyboard app.

The 99c/69p third-party app allows users to sketch out texts from within the Messages app and post them directly to friends, family and colleagues.

In order to access the app, it must be installed as an iOS 8 keyboard in the settings menu and then selected from the in-app keyboard options. Users can then complete their drawing and paste it into the iPhone or iPad’s compose field.

Of course, users have been able to paste items from other apps before, but this fully integrated solution may appeal to doodling iOS 8 fans.

DrawType’s creator Theo Watson told Wired the app is designed for a multitude of purposes, for example, replying to a “what’s for dinner?” message with a pizza (as shown in the screenshot above), or simply enacting the age-old tradition of sending crude phallic doodles to one’s friends.

Watson says the functionality of the app may be expanded to allow users to upload animated GIF files or even to allow users to sketch on top of photographs and other images.

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The app is available to download and currently represents the biggest threat to those 722 emoji sitting on your iPhone or iPad.

It is the latest in a long line of third-party keyboard apps, such as Android stalwarts Swype and SwiftKey, which have landed in the App Store over the last two months.

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