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New drawings appear to show off iPhone 8 features

The iPhone 8 is perhaps going to be the biggest smartphone launch of 2017, and the leaks are already piling up.

We’ve seen no shortage of concepts, renders, analysis, and rumours this year, and while the phone probably won’t be arriving until late-2017, the speculation keeps mounting.

This week we’ve got a few drawings, allegedly sketched by a Foxconn employee that’s seen the final design for Apple’s next handset.

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The images were posted to Chinese social media site Weibo (via) by a leaker that goes by the name KK, and show fairly crude sketches of what he claims is the iPhone 8.

Aside from the leaker’s decent track record, what lends this latest leak a certain legitimacy is the vertical dual camera shown on the rear of the device.

iphone 8 leak

In March, a report from iDrop, quoting a Foxconn source, second-hand, claimed the next iPhone will actually be called the iPhone ‘Edition’ and come with a dual camera setup that stacks the two lenses vertically rather than horizontally.

In other words, we’ve seen this rumour before, and it seems this latest leak claims the iPhone 8’s camera will come with augmented reality features and 3D functionality – another rumour we’ve been hearing in recent months.

The drawings also depict the antennas appearing on the corners of the phone, rather than wrapping around the top and bottom as on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iphone 8 leak

It was also claimed by the leaker that the front of the phone will not have any cutouts, suggesting the front-facing camera will be placed behind the screen.

What’s more, the sketches appear to confirm rumours of the physical home button’s removal, and it doesn’t look like the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back – suggesting that sensor has also been placed below the screen.

And finally, the leaker claims the curvature of the iPhone 8’s metal frame will closely resemble that of the Apple Watch.

At this point, it’s still very early days, and there’s absolutely no way to tell if this latest leak is legitimate, so apply due caution here.

iphone 8 leak

Apple is said to be testing several prototypes for the upcoming iPhone, so even if these drawings are accurate, they’re no guarantee of the phone’s final design.

Stay tuned for more in the near future, as Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone around September.

Let us know what you think of the drawings in the comments.