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Nest Thermostat update 4.3 lands with improved energy saving

The Nest Thermostat made home heating cool when it hit the UK earlier this year, now the innovative device is being made even better thanks to a software update.

Nest has been tinkering with the Thermostat’s inner workings, with the new software update 4.3 landing to improve your energy saving, offer a more user-friendly interface and let you monitor potential boiler issues with a new system test.

A free patch which will be available to download from today, November 4, the Nest Thermostat update could save you as much as a further 6 per cent on your annual heating bills – your wallet will be happy.

“Before the winter season we thought we should have a system update to bring new features to our existing customers,” Lionel Paillet, Nest’s General Manager of Europe, told TrustedReviews.

He added: “What the update is going to do, is it will learn from your preferences better. It is going to adjust better to the weather outside and the occupancy of the home. All-in-all, we are going to deliver 6 per cent more energy savings than what we were delivering with the previous auto schedule.

“That adjustment in our algorithm is going to save more energy while keeping people comfortable.”

With the Thermostat’s inner mathematician working to keep your bills down, a refreshed UI will help make the device easier to navigate and control.

Affecting the unit’s sub-menus, the reworked interface will offer icon-based shortcuts to key information direct from the round device. With both indoor and outdoor temperatures covered off, the reworked menus will also show weather details and quick-look info on your energy usage history.

The third major update is the ability to perform system tests from the Thermostat.

“With the software update you can actually launch system tests which will understand if the time it takes to reach a temperature is normal,” Paillet said.

“If it is not, the Thermostat will tell you that your heating system is lacking efficiency and you should have it maintained and contact your heating specialist.”

If you’re not seeing the new Nest Thermostat update for your device, fret not. Nest has confirmed that it will prompt Thermostat owners to download the update over the coming week as the national rollout progresses.

While you wait, however, the Nest Thermostat app has also been updated to help you better manage the new features.

The Nest Thermostat can be snapped up through a selection of online and high street retailers, including Amazon and John Lewis for £179.99. Adding professional installation sees the price bumped to £249.99.

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