Microsoft could launch Surface Pro 3 game controller

Microsoft could be working on a dedicated gaming controller for the Surface Pro 3 and other tablets.

A newly published patent suggests Microsoft could launch an Xbox One-style gaming controller for its tablet range.

Similar to the Made for iPhone/iPad gaming controllers like the Logitech Powershell and SteelSeries Stratus, it looks like Microsoft may be looking to launch a dedicated gaming controller for its devices.

The recently published Microsoft patent shows that Microsoft is considering a splittable gaming controller loosely based on that offered for the Xbox One. This one would slide apart to clip onto each side of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, making Xbox gaming on mobile devices feel a little more familiar.

The patent shows that it would feature the Xbox-style asymmetrical analogue sticks, traditional array of face buttons and a D-pad along with what we assume to be the Menu and Options buttons in the centre.

Apparently the patent does state that Microsoft is experimenting with a couple of reconfigurable clip-on modules, with one of those requiring a USB cable for connection.

However, the patent states that these controller may make use of Natural User Interface (NUI) technology, which may include voice support, touch/stylus recognition, gesture commands, head and eye tracking among other things.

There’s no word on when these Windows Phone 8.1/Windows 8.1 controllers will launch, but it could be with the next wave of smartphones and tablets next year.

Microsoft has teased that something big is coming later this year for the Windows Phone device range, so this potentially could tie into whatever that could be.

The Surface Pro 3 launches in the UK on August 28, with prices starting at £639 for a 64GB, Intel i3 model with 4GB of RAM.

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Via: Patently Mobile