iPhone 7 pre-order date leaks, and it’s sooner than we thought

If you’re desperate to find out when Apple will finally show off the iPhone 7, you’re in luck.

Journalist – and generally reliable leaker – Evan Blass has revealed what he claims is the iPhone 7 release date. According to Blass, the iPhone 7 will become available for pre-order on September 9, 2016. He had already revealed that the actual on-sale release would be in the week of September 12 in a previous tweet. It’s probably a week earlier than we expected, but it’s hardly farfetched.

September 9 falls on a Friday, which is in line with three out of the last four iPhone release dates (iPhone 6S was a Saturday). As such, we’re inclined to believe Blass has got it spot on with this one.

iphone 7 29(Image credit: Martin Hajek)

It’s also worth noting that we can probably now work out the Apple event date with a fair degree of confidence. Apple has historically tended to hold its September press conferences on a Tuesday or Wednesday, a few days before pre-orders open up. Based on that, it seems most likely that the iPhone 7 product launch will take place on either September 6 or September 7.


Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to be a fairly incremental upgrade, featuring minimal exterior changes. The major rumoured modifications include:

  • The removal of the headphone jack
  • Reduced antenna banding on the exterior of the device
  • A dual-lens camera on one of the iPhone 7 models

Unfortunately, as with all leaks, we can’t verify any information posted online prior to the official launch. As such, take today’s leak – and previous leaks – with due caution.

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