Intel’s Google Project Tango phone up for pre-order in US

Intel is now offering its Project Tango-based smartphone for pre-order in the United States.

The Android device, which was revealed in late 2015, is the first to offer RealSense 3D cameras and is being aimed at developers.

The 6-inch QHD handset is one of the first to rock the Google Project Tango ecosystem and is powered by the Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor.

The purpose of the RealSense 3D cameras, which also includes a depth sensing unit, is to help developers tools for indoor navigation and area learning. They’re aided by a “high-precision accelerometer-gyroscope” combo for motion and feature tracking.

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Intel says: “The depth camera  captures high-quality, dense depth data for 3D scanning of people, objects and scenes along with robust pose estimation. This information can be used for 3D rendering of people/objects and depth mapping for environments. 

“The feature tracking camera, high-precision IMU and rigorous software standards for synchronization between sensors (via time-stamping of data) enables Google Project Tango capabilities such as indoor navigation and area learning.”

The RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit, which has 2GB of RAM and a 64GB of built-in storage, will cost $399 (around £275), but it’ll only be available in the United States.