Google Play Music for iPad imminent

Google looks all set to launch an iPad version of the Google Play Music app. In fact, it could already be with us.

The Google Play Music app for iPhone launched in November of last year, allowing Apple fans to browse, stream, and download tracks and albums from their Google Play Music All Access accounts.

Annoyingly, there was no simultaneous iPad version. Instead, we’ve had to put up with running the iPhone app on our Apple tablets, chunky black borders and unoptimised screen layout and all.

That looks set to be rectified in short order, according to a new report. 9to5mac has heard it from tipsters that Google is almost ready to release a dedicated Google Play Music iPad app, and has even seen videos of a supposed pre-release version in operation.

Even more interestingly, it turns out that an iPad layout already exists within the current iPhone app. If you have a jailbroken iPad, all you need to do is go into the Google Play Music iPhone app’s info.plist file and change the UIDeviceFamily key from 1 to 2.

This will magically change the app’s layout to one more suitable for iPad usage.

Does this mean that Google could have simply flipped the switch on an iPad version all along? Probably not. The iPhone app was last updated on March 5 this year, which is likely when this new iPad layout was sneaked in ahead of an official release.

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As a mark of how soon the new iPad app could be available, when 9to5mac contacted Google about the matter, the company representative thought that the app was already out.

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