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Google agrees to pay up for faulty Pixel mics

Last February, Google was hit by a class-action lawsuit over failings with the microphone and speakers of the original Pixel smartphone. Now the company has agreed to pay up to $500 to Pixel owners for a total settlement of $7.25 million, assuming the court agrees.

If it does, there are four levels of compensation for American Pixel and Pixel XL owners who purchased up to January 4 2017. Because Google acknowledged the fault at the time – a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec” that the company claimed affected less than 1% of devices – some owners returned the phone under warranty for a replacement, only to get another defective one in return. They’re entitled to the full $500.

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Those who had just the one defective device could get up to $350, and anybody who paid an insurance deductible could have that reimbursed. Even happy Pixel customers with no issues to speak of could get $20, which feels like a win-win.

If you’re getting a sense of deja vu here, that may be because Google settled a similar suit earlier this year, agreeing to pay Nexus 6P owners who got caught in the bootloop bug a cumulative $9.75 million. Not a huge amount to a company of Google’s resources, but an uncomfortable sum all the same.

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As the court hasn’t agreed to the settlement arrangement yet, there’s still time to sign up for updates here before the June 5 settlement hearing date. Well, in theory anyway: the website seems to be having difficulties at the time of writing – hopefully for Google that’s not thanks to the sheer weight of disgruntled Pixel owners jockeying for their piece of settlement pie.  

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