Google Nexus 8 appears on shipping manifest

Yet more evidence of an imminent Google Nexus 8 release has cropped up on a shipment bound for India.

There have been numerous leaks and rumours surrounding a possible new Google tablet over recent months. Now we can add a leaked shipping manifest to the list.

GSM Insider has republished an import-export database listing containing devices that are on their way to India for testing purposes. Top of the list are two “Nexus 8 prototype tablet” devices.

There are no specifications or images of these new tablets, but the listing does rather curiously mention that they are “similar to Nexus (7).”

Rumour has it that the Nexus 8 will be made by HTC, whereas the Nexus 7 was made by Asus. Will HTC reign it its own traditionally strong design aesthetic and produce an unadorned device in line with previous devices?

Another tidbit of information to emerge from this shipping manifest is the value of the two prototype Nexus 8 tablets. It’s listed as INR16,484, which works out to about £160.

Naturally, we’d expect the final retail price for a larger and more advanced Nexus tablet to be a fair bit higher than that, given that the current Nexus 7 starts from £199.

Further muddying the Nexus 8 rumour waters are intermittent reports of a Nexus 9. Are these two separate devices? Or does the next Nexus tablet’s screen lie somewhere in between the 8-inch and 9-inch mark – possibly 8.9-inch? Our money’s on the latter.

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Via: BGR