EA Access Xbox One games subscription service announced

EA has kicked off an innovative Xbox One subscription service called EA Access.

The service acts as a kind of Spotify for gaming – if Spotify covered only one major record label, that is.

EA Access allows you to play a several major EA games for just $4.99 per month in total, which works out to a little under £3. Alternatively, users can pay $29.99 (£17.70) for a year’s access.

The service is only in beta at the moment, and so is only available to a limited number of players. However, EA claims that “it will launch for everyone on Xbox One soon.” In Europe, the full service will be made available through Amazon and GameStop.

At present, EA Access users can play four of EA’s most popular titles through the scheme: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4. EA claims that more titles will be added soon, but even in its present state the company points out “that’s over $100 worth of games for $4.99 a month.”

In addition to unlimited EA gaming, the EA Access service will grant subscribers 10 percent off EA digital content purchases through the Xbox Games Store. That includes full games, online games membership (such as Battlefield 4 Premium), or even virtual currency like FIFA Ultimate Team points.

In addition, a subscription to EA Access allows users early access to trials of new EA games, up to five days ahead of release date. These will include such big hitters as FIFA 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. What’s more, any progress in these early trials will be saved if you decide to purchase the game.

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