Could Ubisoft be teasing a new IP in Watch Dogs 2?

A side mission in Watch Dogs 2 asks players to steal a top-secret E3 trailer from Ubisoft.

The mysterious trailer in question features an array of spaceships and a colour palette very similar to that of No Man’s Sky.

It’d normally be safe to assume that such a little easter egg was created specifically for the game. That is, if developers hadn’t started acknowledged it as a real thing.

Writing on NeoGAF, an ex-ubisoft dev teased us by saying, “oh huh, this is finally getting teased.”

“Pretty sure it’s real, like I said, I only heard rumblings of a big space game as they keep stuff on tight lockdown even between studios, so my knowledge ends at that sadly,” the dev said.

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This meta mission is either a clever easter egg by the publisher or a nifty way to tease an upcoming IP.

We scored Watch Dogs 2 8/10 in our review, calling it a significant improvement with “more colour, more flair and a real sense of fun.”

What do you think? Easter egg or sneaky reveal? Let us know in the comments.

Watch Dogs 2 launches tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One and PC.