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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay leaks ahead of Ubisoft Forward

Gamers have been pretty excited about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla since the release of its bombastic, hidden-blade-wielding trailer. Now, before Ubisoft had a chance to reveal gameplay itself, half an hour of in-game footage has leaked online. 

We were expecting to see more footage during the Ubisoft Forward event this Sunday. However, this leak has beaten the developers to the punch, posting half an hour of gameplay from a current build of the game. There’s clearly work still to be done, but it’s great to get a look at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at this early stage.

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The leaked gameplay shows off a few in-game elements. Firstly, exploration: we see the game’s female protagonsit mounted on a horse, exploring the game-world and following a route-marker towards their objective.

After a cutscene in which Eivor’s ally lays out plans to attach an East Anglian fortification, the player is given dialogue choices to give a motivational speech to the assembled vikings. After a choice is made and a speech is given, the player sets off on a long-ship to attack the castle. Visually, things aren’t perfect, but it pays to remember that this isn’t the finished game.

In many ways, what we see in the leak looks like classic Assassin’s Creed fare – taking plenty of queues from Odyssey and Origins, albeit with the Viking characters and setting.

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After an extended siege battle sequence, we’re given a sneak peek at the levelling and inventory screens, featuring various stats and special abilities for the new weapons and equipment you’ve collected. Again, this feature will be familiar to those who played Odyssey and Origins.

Take a look at the full half-hour of leaked game-play below, and stay turned to Trusted Reviews for more Valhalla news.