Apple to launch more powerful, unannounced MacBook tomorrow?

Apple has confirmed the pricing of a more powerful, unannounced 12-inch MacBook, a new report claims.

According to electronics reseller Expercom, Apple outed the device in a pricing information report sent out this morning.

The company claims that the new 12-inch MacBook will have a build-to-order version that ships with a more powerful processor.

We already know that the entry-level MacBook will retail at £1,049 ($1,299 in the US), and carry a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor, 8GB of memory, and 256GB of flash storage.

The reconfigured version, however, will use a 1.3GHz Intel Core M processor, although the flash storage will remain the same.

This bumps the cost up to $1,549 (£1,040 with a direct conversion), which means customers will be paying an extra $250 (£170) for the added processing heft.

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There are also two other configurations we already knew about, both of which are more powerful still however.

For £1,299 ($1,599 in the US), you can buy a MacBook with a 1.2GHz processor and 512GB of storage, while $1,749 (£1,175 converted, and not available in the UK) will get you a 512GB MacBook with a 1.3GHz processor.

All models use 8GB of memory and an integrated Intel HD 5300 processor.

The new 12-inch MacBook is due to go on sale on April 10, which is the same day the Apple Watch becomes available to try out in Apple retail outlets.