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Apple macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Update: The battery life problem ‘fix’ that isn’t really a fix at all

Apple has released a macOS Sierra update, which attempts to address complaints about the new MacBook Pro’s battery life – by no longer telling you anything about your battery life.

Yes, macOS Sierra 10.12.2 has arrived, and the main change is that it removes the ‘time remaining’ estimate from the status bar.

Apple says this was giving users inaccurate estimates rather than the battery malfunctioning.

9to5Mac sources say the flawed estimates may be attributable to the low-power processors sitting within the MacBook Pro, as well as new iCloud syncing features present in Sierra.

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The report states:

“The inaccurate ‘time remaining’ predictions were unable to keep up with or provide accurate information for users on the newest machines.

“Apple investigated the battery life complaints extensively over the last couple of weeks and came to the conclusion that batteries in the new MacBook Pros are behaving as expected, according to sources familiar with the investigation.”

The report says the estimation issues aren’t restricted to the MacBook Pro and that the 2016 Retina MacBooks also have “a hard time” keeping up with the  CPU speed when it comes to the ‘time remaining’ menu.

It could be said that by removing a heavily relied upon feature rather than fixing it is a bit of a cop out from Apple.

Whether it is resolvable and may reappear within another macOS Sierra update remains to be seen.

The complete contents of the update can be viewed below.


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