Apple iPhone 6S tipped with dual-lens camera, pressure sensor

The iPhone 6 might still feel fresh in consumer hands, but the rumour mill is already churning out talk of Apple’s next flagship – the iPhone 6S.

Fuelling the latest round of whispers is a report out of Taiwan (spotted by GForGames) that details new additions to the next iPhone’s spec sheet.

Citing the ever-chatty Taiwanese ‘supply chain’, the article suggests Apple’s fast-approaching smartphone will feature a dual-lens camera.

Needless to say, Apple hasn’t dabbled with dual-lens cameras before (although it has used dual-flash), but it’s not exactly a new idea either.

Last year’s HTC One M8 landed with a dual-lens camera that allowed for post-snap re-focusing. Apple could have a similar feature in the work.

There’s also talk of a ‘zoom function’ and a more light-sensitive sensor, although there wasn’t much in the way of details regarding these additions.

The report also tips the iPhone 6S as touting a 3D pressure sensor, set to work in conjunction with the Apple Health app, as well as the Apple Watch.

This sensor apparently will work off three axis – X, Y, and then Z for depth – to help measure pulse and blood pressure.

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So what else is new? Not much, apparently. According to the report, the iPhone isn’t expected to make much of a design departure from the current roster of Apple-stamped smartphones – hence the expected ‘s’ suffix, as opposed to calling it ‘iPhone 7’.

It’s expected Apple will stick with the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays, and should retain most of the core design details.