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Amazon cans the Dash button, saying it no longer fits their plans

Amazon has stopped sales of its Dash button device, a tiny £4.99 device that let you smash that dash button to get a hot new delivery of say, toilet rolls or laundry tablets, although the tech giant aren’t killing off support for the buttons just yet.

The Wi-Fi enabled buttons launched in 2015, but they were wonderfully niche products, with each Dash button linked to a different product: need coffee? There’s a Dash button for that. Need a new roll of bin bags? There’s a different Dash button for that.

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The idea here is that owners could slap a Dash button up on the wall next to where they use the product so that when they’re out, or running out, you just tap the button and Amazon sends one out to you using the same system used for one-click ordering on the Amazon website.

For a while the devices were a big deal but they seem to have fallen by the wayside recently, especially now that the tech has been brought in to Amazon’s smart speaker range, letting you do the same thing by bellowing “Alexa, buy me coffee” or even using Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service that is bundled in with several smart devices, meaning your coffee machine could buy you more coffee before you can run out.

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Amazon has never revealed how successful the Dash button actually is, but it’s seemingly no longer part of their strategy.

Speaking to Cnet, Amazon’s VP of Smart Home Daniel Rausch said: “”Dash button was an awesome stepping stone into the world of connected home. We never imagined a future where customers had 500 buttons in their home. We imagined a future where the home was taking care of itself, including replenishing everyday items that customers would rather not worry about.”

In the meantime, Amazon will supposedly continue to support the Dash buttons for as long as customers want to keep hitting the button.

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