Best Vacuum Cleaner 2019: 7 best vacuum cleaners you can buy


Powerful and intelligent cordless cleaning

Key features:

  • 60-min/12-min run-times; 4.5hr charge time
  • Three detail tools
  • Wall dock supplied
  • 3.05kg
  • Three powered floor heads
  • HEPA filtration

How do you make the best cordless vacuum cleaner even better? Simple, with the Dyson V11, the company has added a screen onto the back, boosted power and made the vacuum more intelligent. Now, the V11 is the only vacuum you need for any job around your house.

First, about that screen. Having a display on the back of your cleaner may sound like madness but it’s actually a really smart move. On the screen, you can see the exact runtime remaining, so you know when it’s time to return to the charger. And, if your vacuum develops a problem, the display shows you what’s going on and how to fix the issue. That’s really smart.

On top of that, the V11 Absolute is now more intelligent thanks to the High Torque floor head, which senses the surface it’s on and adjusts power automatically. There’s no more messing around with power modes. To top it off, the vacuum is now 20% more powerful and has a larger battery, which will deliver up to an hour’s runtime on the Eco mode, with a motorised brush head.

If you’re looking for more of a bargain, last year’s Dyson V10 is an excellent buy still, but for the best, go with the V11.