Best Retro Games for iPhone and Android


11 throwback games for the modern mobile

Things were much better in the old days, weren’t they? You could buy a pint of beer and still get change from a couple of quid, S Club 7 were top of the charts with some wholesome, catchy ditty or other, birds chirped, the sun shone, and there was absolutely no crime, litter or graffiti on the streets. Now, in 2015, all we have to look forward to is the ability to fly on hoverboards and self drying jackets before the end of the month. Steven Spielberg wouldn’t lie to us, would he?

It’s little wonder, then, that people increasingly hanker for times gone by. It’s a yearning that hasn’t been lost on iPhone either. Whether you’re talking remakes of retro classics or new releases heavily inspired by those games of old, the App Store is awash with titles that tap into a rhythm, an ethic that’s reminiscent of an era long before touchscreens and accelerometer.

It’s a trend that’s perhaps best highlighted by recent Trusted Reviews top scorer PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist – an all-action 2D platformer that touches base with more retro games than you can shake (an antique, classically crafted) stick at. That’s why, partly in the great Swedish superstar’s honour, we’ve put together ten of the best retro revival games, sampling some of iOS’s latest and greatest while also paying homage to some old school finery.