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Samsung NX300 - Performance, Image Quality & Verdict

By Mike Topham



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Samsung NX300 - Performance

One of the main areas for criticism on previous models in the NX series was the performance of the camera's AF system. Previous models used contrast AF alone, which is known to struggle in poor lighting conditions, and the NX300 sees a change in this with the implementation of a new hybrid AF system that combines contrast and phase detection AF.

The result is improved AF performance all round and, in conjunction with a bright green AF assist beam, means that you can rely on the Samsung NX300 to focus in a variety of conditions. Samsung also claims that the NX300 offers a continuous shooting speed of 8.6fps and we found it managed to shoot 12 Fine JPEGS at almost exactly that rate.

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The NX300 is an easy camera to use, too. The touchscreen menus are logical and clearly labelled, while the NFC and Wi-Fi features work very well.

The core Wi-Fi functionality focuses on simple image sharing – you can send photos directly from the camera or upload them to the web, while you can also share your shots directly to your mobile via a shared Wi-Fi connection. It takes just a couple of seconds to transfer photos with little fuss.

Other smartphone functionality includes the Samsung Camera app that serves as a remote viewfinder, allowing for remote composition of shots and firing the shutter, although unfortunately it doesn't allow for the adjustment of camera settings.

The screen could do with being a tad sharper, but it’s still very good. It's one of the most responsive we've used, requiring just the finest of touches to switch between settings and offers a good amount of versatility when it comes to the placing of AF points.

Samsung NX300 - Image Quality

On the whole, the Samsung NX300 takes great photos, with just a few small issues of note. The metering system generally performs well with little to fault, albeit with a slight tendency to under expose. This is easily enough dealt with, however, by setting the camera's exposure compensation to account for it. The story is very much the same with the camera's auto white balance, as it offers reliable result and faithful colours, with very little signs of any colour cast.

Samsung NX300 review

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We shot the majority of our test shots on the 'Raw&Super Fine JPEG' mode so as to compare the image samples and see if there was any difference. On the whole, JPEGs offer a more pleasing level of sharpness, better contrast levels and richer colours. All of these things are to be expected, however, and if you shoot Raw you'll be able to control these settings manually in post production.

Performance throughout the ISO range is pleasing. When studying converted Raw files, it’s noticeable that there is very little noise whatsoever up to ISO 800. Noise begins to become apparent at ISO 1600, but it doesn't have a hugely detrimental effect to the overall image unless you view it at 100%. Noise becomes a bit more problematic at the settings above this, and at ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 it begins to take over the images, with the latter being the highest we'd really want to use.


The NX300 is a great improvement on previous NX models and is a good option for anyone stepping up from a compact. Image quality is excellent, and improvements to performance mean that the NX300 finally challenges the very best CSCs on the market.

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  • Build Quality 7
  • Design & Features 9
  • Image Quality 9
  • Value 8


May 1, 2013, 4:04 pm

never again with Samsung, still waiting for the tablet I was supposed to receive with the last camera I brought


May 1, 2013, 7:46 pm

Who lied to Samsung that they are a camera manufacturer? They keep pumping out camera clones that noone is buying.

Marco -

May 3, 2013, 10:02 am

In raw continuous shooting the nx300 it’s much worse than the previous nx models. Nx300 can only record 4 shots in a row, where nx200 could do 8!!! I hope samsung fixes this, since it’s a shame.


May 15, 2013, 8:03 am

i have a nx200 for a year and half, in my estimate best camera one can buy i love getting it out of my bag which is almost every day, i am 77years old and have owned most top camera's in past years, i.e Nikon photomic canon ect, samsung nx200 does have faults just like any other camera but its performance overall far out weigh its faults, cant praise it anough, one of its best tricks is that it has a system, were i use my 50.200 lens and i can turn it into a 280m when i want with just a press of a button, with no loss of sharpness, it just reduces's pixel count , but you need to own one of these and really use it a lot to learn cant praise it enough, get more saver's with it than others owned, enough said dave

Space Pug

January 16, 2014, 6:49 am

Ye gods, I cannot understand why anyone still tries to use 'CSC' to describe mirrorless cameras. Why can't we use 'mirrorless'?

'Compact' - while this might apply (sort of) to a body like the NX300, it certainly doesn't apply to larger body mirrorless models: A3000, NX20, NX30, GH3, etc. And we already have a whole class of cameras called 'compacts' and they share very little in common with 'Compact System Cameras'.

'System' - if this refers to a lens system, what do you call a Fuji X100, Ricoh Digital GR V, etc.? Are those just 'mirrorless' cameras? Since when do we denote interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) with the term 'system'? Shouldn't a DSLR be referred to as a 'Non Compact System Camera' then?

'Camera' - seriously? When has any term for a camera used the word 'camera' in the name? Ridiculous. It's not 'CC' for Compact Camera, nor DSLRC for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.

Just call the damned thing Mirrorless, or a Mirrorless ILC if you must differentiate lens format. I guess FF like the Sony A7 must now be renamed FFCSC? How about the FF RX1? Is that FFCC?


September 1, 2014, 10:17 am

they forgot the G in Samsung in the first line after the heading Samsung NX300 design.

Stephen Buckwalter

November 29, 2014, 5:43 pm

Easily the best camera I have owned so far, the NX300 is guaranteed to prove to any casual user that "no, your smartphone isn't enough". Compared to other cameras in its class, the extra features are the one that attracted me to this model, and knowing Samsung products in general, they do what they can to make sharing and connectivity as blatantly simple and effortless as possible.

I personally love the NFC feature for connecting to a smartphone. The android app (and likely iOS app) seems pretty clunky and unrefined, but when it gets down to supporting features, it does a very good job. Again, I can only imagine this feature is much smoother than any other camera producer at this time, and should only get better. The auto-backup feature (which backs up selected photos to a computer) is disappointingly frustrating at times, depending on how your network is set up.

In general, picture quality is at least on par with entry-level DSLR's, and same with the included lens (at least considering its size). There are significantly more autofocus points than most entry- and mid-level mirrorless cameras, and you can choose autofocus mode in any of the MASP modes. The 20mp sensor is higher than most that you can expect in the price range (at the time of writing), and it comes with a hot shoe for adding accessories. I exclusively leave a flash in there, just in case. Battery life is quite good when keeping in mind all of the technology inside, and charges through a microUSB connector (which is great for convenience) but don't expect those incredibly speedy charges, if that's what you're after. Samsung doesn't have a ton of lenses available at the time of writing, but I'm sure this will change in time as the company continues to grow in popularity.

As with everything, the price paid gives you a certain expectation of what to expect from the purchase. I would say this camera is very competitive in comparison to other options hovering around the 500-dollar mark. I am personally very glad I purchased, and would say that most hobbyist photographers and technology lovers will get significant value for their money. before you will buy it, I suggest to check for best deal for this camera at: seebestdeals.com/digital-ca...

Hope it helps.

Veronica Accouche

February 11, 2017, 5:47 pm

What would you say is an update on this camera please? I would love to take better photos, but my tremor means an 'anti-shake' feature is essential, as would an in built flash. Help me please.

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