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Pentax Q review - Sample Images: General Images

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis


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Pentax Q

The 8mm standard prime is capable of producing sharp images with good detail, even in murky light.

(1/125sec @ f/5.6, 8mm, ISO 125, AWB)

Pentax Q

Using the standard Creative Tool setting, the Pentax Q produces lifelike colour and tone.

(1/80sec @ f/2.2, 8mm, ISO 125, AWB)

Pentax Q

Used outdoors in the late autumn sun, the Pentax Q delivers pleasing results.

(1/160sec @ f/2.2, 8mm, ISO 250, AWB)

Pentax Q

Given the Q's 1/2.3in sensor, dynamic range is quite impressive.

(1/250sec @ f/3.2, 8mm, ISO 400, AWB)

Pentax Q

However, as this image shot at f/1.9 (with the nearest pillar set as the point of focus) demonstrates, it's almost impossible to create a naturally shallow depth of field with the Pentax Q.

(1/200sec @ f/1.9, 8mm, ISO 125, AWB)

Pentax Q

What the Q really excells at are in-camera creative effects. These can be used to spruce up even the most mundane of images.

(1/50sec @ f/1.9, 8mm, ISO 200, AWB)

Pentax Q

The Pentax is able to deliver good low-light results.

(1/5sec @ f8, 8mm, ISO 200, AWB, tripod used)

The following selection of (downscaled) images show how the Pentax Q's creative effects and digital filters can be applied to make exactly the same scene look very different (apologies for the wonky horizons!):

Pentax Q 3Pentax QPentax Q 1Pentax Q 2Pentax Q 5Pentax Q 3Pentax Q 2Pentax Q 4

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