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Xbox One Games with Gold just got better with backwards compatibility

Sam Loveridge


Games with Gold November

Xbox One Games with Gold just got a lot better with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Every month Xbox Live Gold members get a pair of free games for the Xbox One and another two for the Xbox 360.

But from this month, it's all about to change thanks to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

"Exciting news for Xbox Live Gold members, starting in November all future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One, giving Xbox One owners double the free games to play each month," explained the latest Xbox Live blog post.

"When Xbox One Backward Compatibility launches on November 12, play multiplayer with your friends no matter which console they’re on and enjoy Xbox 360 games with the advanced features of your Xbox One, including Game DVR, Screenshots, and in-home streaming to Windows 10."

Xbox One owners just need to download their free Xbox 360 Games with Gold from the Xbox website, and then the games will show up in the Ready to Install section of your My Games and Apps.

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Xbox One backwards compatibility will become available on November 12, but you can download them now.

This month for Xbox One there's Pneuma: Breath of Life and Knight Squad. Pneuma is available from November 1-30, while Knight Squad will be available from November 16 – December 15.

Then the backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles are Dirt 3 and Dungeon Siege. The former goes on Games for Gold from November 1-15, while the latter will be available from November 16-30.


October 30, 2015, 2:11 am

"advanced features of your Xbox One game DVR, screenshots, and in home streaming to Windows 10"

These aren't advanced features and all you're doing is desperately trying to keep people on your platform. Not only that but you coppied your competitor and then advertised it as their own advanced? Not everyone cares about playing old 360 games and they don't want to pay your subscription just to use game DVR and party chat when it's free on other platforms. Microsoft, you're really reaching all new lows.


October 30, 2015, 8:41 am

Oh look, we have a salty fanboy who can't understand context. Of course they want to keep people on their platform. Microsoft has been offering more value over Sony, in the same way Sony did it to Microsoft to get the PS3 rolling after its slow start.

Game DVR was not copied from Sony. They both released with the ability. Screenshots were added later due to request. That is like saying Sony copied Microsoft because they finally added a dlna media player to the PS4.

Here is the context you missed. They are advanced features compared to the 360. Now you can play 360 games while utilizing those features. it even allows you to use Twitch without needing a display device.

I'm not sure about the need for Live for party chat. I mean, I guess it was okay when Sony decided to charge to play online, especially since Sony doesn't even have dedicated servers for their games.

I have a nice large list of 360 digital games, and it is quite nice when they automatically appear in my install list. BC in previous generations did not have that convenience.

It should be about the games

October 30, 2015, 6:59 pm

4 games a month free? That's a bargain. Not to mention EA Access which, if I remember correctly, their competitor said 'wasn't good value for money' so they could force their customers use their own, more expensive, service. And, if I remember correctly, their competitor now offers TV, something that Microsoft was once ridiculed for. My point? Everyone copies (I prefer the word borrows) from others if they are good ideas. The way I see it is PS4 owners feel they have to attack the Xbox at every opportunity because they are suffering with buyer remorse. Too many jumped on the hype train surrounding that console only to be ultimately left underwhelmed. Why else would people who own the console that has been deemed to have pretty much already won this generation feel the need to attack everything Xbox related if that wasn't the case? Xbox is no threat to the PS4. It can never catch up let alone overtake the PS4 in sales so why not leave it be? Enjoy your console and leave us Xbox owners to enjoy ours. And another thing. Didn't Sony just hint at possible BC for the PS4? Copying happens.

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