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Xbox boss wouldn't mind seeing Nintendo games on Xbox One

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One Forza 6

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has said he'd be happy to see Nintendo games on the Xbox One in the future.

Nintendo games on Xbox One? Don't mind if we do. And it seems Spencer wouldn't mind either.

When directly asked on Twitter whether we could ever see Nintendo games on Xbox One, Spencer replied "I'd be happy to see that".

The comment comes just days after the news announcement of the Microsoft-owned Minecraft arriving on Wii U for the first time.

Spencer said the whole thing was a very pleasant experience to be part of.

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We expect the first Nintendo content we'd see were some Nintendo-themed Minecraft skins for the Wii U edition.

But Spencer went further into the debate by revealing past troubles in the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, especially when it comes to the Goldeneye license:

Now that's a game we'd love to see on Xbox One.

Pedro Gonzalez

December 10, 2015, 9:52 pm

Honestly its amazing to see these companies work together like this. It's also very smart on Microsoft's end for a couple of reasons. First it increases the profits for Microsoft to have it on as many platforms as possible. Then there is the goodwill that would build between Nintendo fans and Microsoft that might compell them to make the Xbox their second console choice (if they WANT a second console that is).

This opens the doors (even if it might be unlikely ) to a collaboration on a specific project between the two. Say Microsoft wants to develope the next banjo-kazooie but is afraid that (despite the demand) it might not be a top seller on Xbox like Halo, or Gears of war. They can make a version for the Nintendo NX as well as Xbox one because the Nintendo fanbase would be more inclined to buy it (given Banjo's history with nintendo) maximizing profits for Microsoft.

If Microsoft dabbles in nfc technology similar to skladers/infinity /amiibo, then maybe nintendo can help them develop an amiibo hybrid that works on both consoles similar to the bowser and donkey kong skylander/amiibo hybrid.

It's all wishful thinking i know, but the possibility is fun to dream about. :)

Ty Brown

December 12, 2015, 7:22 am

Hell, Nintendo is also their own publisher. If Nintendo wants to have one of their devs or themselves make an Xbox exclusive and publish it themselves with Microsoft's consent, it's TOTALLY possible! Although, I don't have my Xbox One anymore. I traded it in because it was collecting dust. Hopefully a slimmer version of the console comes out. I might buy the system again in time for ReCore, but I didn't want to just see it collecting dust the way it was, and I needed money.

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