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Street Fighter V beaten by a six-month-old


Street Fighter 5 Ryu

Are you struggling to get ahead online in Street Fighter 5? Keep getting battered by the elite players? Frustrated at being bested by button-mashers? Well here’s something that’ll knock your confidence a little further: a six-month-old beating Birdie’s story mode.

The video was uploaded by the adorable tyke’s father, which shows the kid handily dispatching of F.A.N.G with some (obviously strategic and deliberate) slaps of the arcade stick, before moving on to destroy Chun-Li and Karin.

Take a look at the future Capcom Pro Tour champion below:

Capcom recently announced details of the Street Fighter 5 March update, which will include the first downloadable character, Alex. There will also be plenty of bug fixes and improvements incoming, and after many players were unhappy with the performance of the online serevrs, hopefully this will be substantially improved following the update.

What do you think? Could you beat the baby in an online match? We're not so confident.


March 15, 2016, 12:26 pm

Well, seeing as he wasn't looking at the screen most of the time (and when he does, he stops bashing and just watches the pretty cartoon), it probably says more about the game.

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