Street Fighter 5 March update will introduce new characters and features

This month’s Street Fighter 5 update will include a “slew” of new features and fixes for PS4 and PC players.

The biggest addition is Alex, an all new character sporting a deadly assortment of grapple-focused attacks.

Alex is the first of many new fighters planned for the game, some of which will be added through regular monthly updates.


The update will also introduce a new mode known as “Challenges.” Players will have access to 16 unique challenges for each character, teaching you new skills and moves as you progress.

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Fight Money can finally be spent with the introduction of Street Fighter 5’s in-game shop. Here you will be able to purchase content such as new characters and alternate costumes for each fighter.

In addition, Capcom has also made a number of fixes and balance changes to the game, which you can check out on the Capcom Blog.