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Sony PS4 controller leaks again with touchpad and PlayStation Move panel

Sam Loveridge


PlayStation 4 controller
PlayStation 4 controller

Another picture of the prototype PS4 controller has been leaked online, revealing the upcoming PS4 device will feature touchpad and PlayStation Move capabilities.

As revealed in two separate leaked pictures last week, the next-gen Playstation controller may integrate PlayStation Move motion control, and sport a touchpad interface akin to that of the PlayStation Vita.

The latest prototype PlayStation 4 controller picture mirrors that offered by the previous leaks, but this time from another angle. This leak seems to concrete the ideas we have about what the PS4 controller will look like, ahead of the rumoured PS4 release date announcement at a PlayStation event in New York on 20 February.

Like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 controllers, the device for the upcoming PS4 or the codenamed PlayStation Orbis will retain the traditional D-Pad and four button layout. The analogue sticks feature a new concave style similar to that of the Xbox 360 controller and the start, select and PlayStation buttons have been moved to incorporate the touchpad. In fact, the start and select buttons aren’t barely visible, apart from two button-like shapes either side of the touchpad.

This touchpad could operate in a similar fashion to the rear-touchpad of the PlayStation Vita, but other rumours suggest it could even be a touchscreen LCD screen to display additional buttons, media controls or in-game information.

The most recent picture shows the PS4 controller with elongated handles in comparison to the previous leaks, retaining the LED strip at the top for reported PlayStation Move integration. However, the new angle reveals what appears to be a 3.5mm headphone jack between the handles on the bottom of the PS4 controller, presumably for a voice chat accessory.

An original source for the picture has yet to be traced, but with the controller looking very similar to that pictured in last week's leaks, we could be looking at the official prototypes for the next PS4 controller. If not, we’re sure to find out during the PlayStation event on February 20.

What do you think of the design for the PS4 controller? Do you think Sony needs to integrate a touchpad and PlayStation Move motion controls into the PS4 controller? Give us your thoughts via the Trusted Reviews Facebook and Twitter pages or the comments section below.

Via: The Verge


February 18, 2013, 2:58 pm

Why have a touchpad on the controller? I'm sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense. So now, you have your hands where they are designed to be, on the handles of the controller, and you have to then take your hands out of this formation (that we've been using for the past 20 years) to navigate a 3 inch touch screen? Why not use the controls on the controller to navigate this menu? Terrible idea from an otherwise usually genius company.


February 19, 2013, 2:17 pm

Terrible idea from an otherwise usually genius company? And you haven't tried it yet or know what it's used for? People said the same about the original PS controller - those sticky out bits, what's up with them? Worst controller ever. All from people who hadn't tried it.

That said, I would agree with you that the placement of it seems off for prelonged use. Going to assume whoever tested the device for how comfortable and natural it is to use long term wasn't am idiot and that it hasn't just been included as a gimmick.

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