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Samsung Galaxy S Edge confirmed by Vodafone website?


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We’ve heard plenty in recent weeks about Samsung’s rumoured plans to launch a dual-edged version of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 handset.

That speculation may have been confirmed on Monday, thanks to code spotted within the Vodafone website in the Netherlands.

The Galaxy Club website (via SamMobile) has spotted the name ‘Samsung Galaxy S Edge’ on a Galaxy S6 information page on the Voda site.

Following the launch of the Galaxy Note Edge back in September, complete with a panel that curves over the right edge of the phone, speculation has been rife the company plans to double down with the S6 variant.

Not only does this seemingly confirm the variant is on the way, but also gives away the name.

Most observers have assumed the dual-edged variant would take the name Galaxy S6 Edge, but it seems Galaxy S Edge will win out.

The device is expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona in early March.

After testing the waters with the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung is likely to release the S6 variant in larger quantities and make a bigger push towards engaging customers with its flexible display tech.

Samsung released a limited number of Galaxy Note Edge handsets late last year, which was essentially a Galaxy Note 4 with a screen that curved around the right edge of the phone.

This flexible display enabled users to navigate around the phone faster using side-loaded ‘panels’ featuring favourite apps, news, sport and finance. Some Galaxy Note Edge reviewers suggested it was more difficult for left handed people to use, so this option could help to give the phone a more universal appeal.

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Would you consider breaking from tradition with your next handset and embracing Samsung’s side panels? Share your thoughts below.


January 27, 2015, 7:22 am

I purchased a Note Edge when it was launched in September as I thought this was a unique looking phone built on the famous Note series or Note 4 and because I don't do Samsung and android, as a result with the handset I have found I genuinely have a love hate relationship with it. Love the edge feature, hate the Samsung bloatware and I'm not a fan of wish washy anything bolts on android os, but I have managed to put up with it.

That said I am not convinced if making a duel edge galaxy will be a good thing. Samsung release far to many handsets and the galaxy s series are not all that different to the note series, not sure even if the costs make a difference. So why have another version of another version of another version of the same variant?

I am not convinced about the choice over left handed vs right handed and if anyone is like me I'm always swapping hands when using a phone. I think it is more gimmick orientated aimed at the mass galaxy s users as something different but still the same! Don't get me wrong I am not Samsung bashing but I just can't see why else they need to do this.

Ps. I am a Blackberry fan by the way and the Passport is my go to device 😉

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