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Call Duty: Black Ops 3 aiming for 30fps on PS3/360



Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be aiming for 30fps on PS3 and Xbox 360, Treyarch has confirmed.

We have some bad news for those planning to grab Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for last generation platforms.

This year’s iteration of the popular first-person shooter will likely run at 30fps on PS3 and Xbox 360, as opposed to the usual 60fps.

The PS4 and Xbox One release will run at 60fps, with no compromise on game content either.

The last-generation version of Black Ops 3 is being developed by Beenox and Mercenary Technology, not primary developer Treyarch Studios.

Speaking to Develop, Beenox creative developer Thomas Wilson claims his team has tried its best to get last gen versions to run at 60fps, but it is far more likely to run at 30.

"I'd say that we tried to hit that target [60fps]. We're basically looking more at something like 30fps.” "But still, the experience is very enjoyable, otherwise it's not Call of Duty."

Hitting 60fps “becomes harder” when development is spread across multiple generations, Wilson explained.

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The frame rate isn’t the only casualty in this year’s Call of Duty for PS3 and 360.

Activision previously announced that last generation versions of Black Ops 3 will not feature the single player campaign.

Players will still be able to play multiplayer and zombies however, and for a slightly discounted price.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 launches on November 6 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


October 22, 2015, 7:30 pm

This dicount is a laugh worth. Only 15$ difference. So the Sp is worth only 15$?? Not too much:) But if you can end game right after firs run, thanks to the mission selector than everything is clear;) I like, when developer says straight, that game will be only for new consoles. Thats fair and nobody nervs, that something was cutted. Such step took CI Games with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

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