BlackBerry not ruling out oversized ‘phablet’ device launch

BlackBerry has suggested it has

not ruled out launching its own ‘phablet’ handset, telling us the company is “paying

close attention” to the emerging market.

Sounding far from sold on the smartphone

turn tablet hybrid sector, BlackBerry has suggested that it is monitoring the phablet

market, failing to rule out the possibility of launching its own oversized

smartphone device.

“It is a question about what is

normal or what is socially acceptable,” Todd Wood, BlackBerry’s Senior Vice

President of design told TrustedReviews when questioned on whether a BlackBerry

phablet is in the works. He added: “All I can say is we will see. We pay close

attention to this sort of thing.”

Discussing the phablet sector and

the rise in 6-inch smartphones and above, Wood suggested that although some

might scoff at the possibility of a BlackBerry phablet, views on the sector are

changing so quickly, it could soon become an expectation. He stated: “The trend

at the moment is towards larger phones, but it gets to a point where it looks

funny and where it’s maybe too big but I think that perception can change.”

Highlighting his point, he added:

“We’ve talked a lot about other areas where we have seen this. Very large

tennis rackets or very large golf clubs, at first when you see them it ‘oh

gosh, what is that?’ but it then soon becomes very normal and what is normal is

when something adds benefit.” He reservedly added: “But it still has to fit

into your lives.”

Earlier this week, rumours of a

5-inch BlackBerry Z10 follow-on emerged, with the handset tipped to make a jump

from the Z10’s current 4.2-inch form factor to line up as a more direct Samsung

Galaxy S4 rival.

Although far from confirmed, such

reports would seem fitting with current trends, with even Apple having bowed to

consumer demands and increased the form factor of its leading smartphones in

the iPhone 5.