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Batman: Arkham Knight PC version pulled from sale


Arkham Knight

Warner Bros has announced that it has pulled the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight from sale until its technical issues have been addressed.

The third and final part of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham game saga launched this week to rave reviews – but only regarding the console versions. For PC gamers it's been a different matter entirely.

Developer Rocksteady recently admitted that the PC version of Arkham Knight was suffering from major performance issues, including frequent stuttering, appalling frame rates, and audio glitches.

"We are working closely with our external PC development partner to make sure these issues get resolved as quickly as possible," the developer said.

While Rocksteady has been working hard to correct these issues, publisher Warner Bros has been moved to pull the PC version from sale altogether until the matter is resolved.

Over on the WBGames forum, the company has issued a statement apologising for the poor state of the PC version. "We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards," it says.

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Naturally, with the copies available in physical retail outlets that's not possible, but Warner Bros has halted sales of the game through the Steam online store.

The company also points out that those who have already bought the PC version and are unhappy with the experience can obtain a refund, whether through the original physical retailer or Steam.

For now, it looks like the best bet is to buy the console version of Batman: Arkham Knight. To see whether the PS4 or the Xbox One is for you, check out the video below.


June 25, 2015, 8:38 am

This is exactly the kind of crap that the common code-base of PS4, XBone and PC was supposedly going to stop happening!

Gareth Burleigh

June 25, 2015, 11:42 am

Makes you wonder if the console versions were delayed only to try and get the PC version up to scratch. My PS4 copy arrived today very much looking forward to playing it


June 25, 2015, 6:08 pm

I've only played this for a few minutes but the performance seemed ok, even with all the Nvidia sparkly bits turned on.

But this is on an Nvidia card, and the PC's spec exceeds their Ultra spec.

So in theory it is playable for some. I say in theory because after a few minutes it crashed on me. Even before that Windows was giving out-of-memory, and there's 12GB and nothing else running!

Steam now says it'll be available in the Fall.

Might be time to get a refund and get it on the PS4 instead. I'll give it another try first, but I don't hold out much hope. I'm guessing the season pass won't do me much good either; I doubt they'll release DLC for the PC version while it's not on sale.

I do wonder about the culture within a company that would release something in this state. Unfortunately you can bet that the people responsible for the culture aren't the ones who'll lose their jobs.


June 25, 2015, 7:59 pm

Turned off the Nvidia graphics options and it got further but still crashed. I could keep turning stuff off to see if I can get it stable, but my graphics card cost more than my PS4 yet the PS4 version of this game looks better than my PC with everything turned on!

Ok, refund requested. So now if I want to get it on the PS4 it'll cost £85 instead of £61. No 10% pre-order discount for me now.

You know what, I think I'll wait till it's on sale.

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