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30 per cent of recent iPhone buyers jumped ship from Android


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Following Apple’s quarterly earnings calls there are always a couple of interesting tidbits to report beyond the bottom line of iPhone sales and profits.

Today is no exception and we’ve got a few interesting tidbits for to share with you from Tim Cook's investor update.

First of all, the Apple CEO says 30 per cent of iPhone sales came from people jumping over from the Android OS (via 9to5Mac). That's a pretty big deal.

Considering Apple sold 48 million iPhones during the Q4 fiscal quarter, it would suggest around 14 million of those came to Apple form Google’s rival platform.

Cook says it’s the highest rate of switchers the company has ever recorded.

Meanwhile, the CEO has also announced that 40 million people have jumped on board with the new Apple News app within iOS 9.

The news aggregator, which allows iPhone and iPad users to collate stories from their favourite sources, also arrived in the UK last week with iOS 9.1.

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However, Apple hasn’t said what those 40 million folks are actually doing with the app; whether they’re using it regularly or whether they have just played around with it.

Elsewhere Cook also announced a further global expansion of the Apple Pay mobile payments platform.

A deal with American Express will see the contactless payment service roll out in Canada and Australia before the end of 2015. Next up will be Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore in 2016.

Right now the service is only available in the United States and the UK.

Finally, Cook said the Apple TV was “off to a great start,” while he claimed the Apple Watch is “just getting going.” The company negated to mention sales figures for the latter in its earnings report.

Peter Ck

October 28, 2015, 2:30 am

Er...considering Apple sold almost the same number of iPhones last quarter, by your (wildly presumptive) maths "it would suggest around 14 million" also LEFT for Android :-o


October 28, 2015, 10:02 am

Exactly. Meaningless without context. Nice sales patter though.


October 28, 2015, 10:49 am

Or they just kept on using their current iPhone.


October 29, 2015, 9:06 pm

So you're saying Apple sold them their old phone again? Wouldn't put it passed them.


October 30, 2015, 8:43 pm

The figures aren't for the *total* number of iPhone users - they're for the sales of new phones. It's the sales that are steady at 48m, not the user base (which seems to be growing at the expense of Android).

Many existing iOS users will still be using their iPhone 5S's etc., they didn't go anywhere...

Peter Ck

November 3, 2015, 11:21 am

They're claiming their market penetration has increased by 30 percent, yet their sales are steady and comparable per recent & equivalent quarter.

1) How do they know exactly what all their customers were using (or not) prior to (and perhaps simultaneously with) their iPhone purchase?

2) If they suddenly "gained" 14 million extra (non-Apple) customers the Q4 figures would be up significantly compared to the same period last year, unless they've somehow gained 30% every quarter in recent years, or a similar number left the Apple fold this quarter, or their overall sales have dropped significantly to balance the influx. Numbers can mean anything (and nothing).


November 3, 2015, 11:41 am

IDK, the graph for 2015 looks pretty big:


Perhaps there was a big rise in people creating App Store accounts at the same time as all those new phone purchases. As for where they came from - where else than Android? Windows Phone? Blackberry? Nokia 3210?

Android had a spell of success at the high end before iPhone's got big screens, but in retrospect that's looking increasingly like a blip.


November 3, 2015, 1:26 pm

Edit: Duplicate post

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