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Gravity Rush 2 Preview

Exclusive to PS4

Gravity Rush 2 release date: TBC 2016

Gravity Rush was one of the games that really took advantage of the PS Vita's unique features – perhaps only topped by the original Tearaway. But, since Sony and all major developers have abandoned the handheld console, Gravity Rush 2 will be a PS4 exclusive.

Originally announced at Tokyo Game Show, it was quickly revealed that the latest instalment in Kat's adventures was also due for a European release. On that note, Sony took me behind the scenes at Paris Games Week to show off one of the first live gameplay demonstrations of the game with its director Keiichiro Toyama.

Gravity Rush 2 has built on the enthusiasm fans had for the first game and the team behind it has worked to address comments and criticisms submitted by users.

The worlds in the first Gravity Rush were criticised for being a little beige, so the development team has worked to enhance the art style to make the cities more vibrant and colourful. To do this they've adopted their own blend of Japanese comic and French bande dessinee art styles.

The end result is visually impressive, the colours really pop out against the blue sky, as our returning heroine Kat zooms through the air with her black cat sidekick.

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Gravity Rush 2 17

With the map sitting around 2.5 times bigger than the original Gravity Rush, the development team has also made sure it's a more interactive experience. You can destroy objects within the cities, use them as part of your gravity attacks, and even interact with the citizens using a range of greetings.

Plus, Kat now has a handy camera that she can use to take pictures of the world, and even snap a few selfies.

Thankfully, this time around Toyama and co have seen the errors of their ways and incorporated a plethora of side missions into the main campaign at launch, rather than releasing them as DLC. I'm not sure what form they'll take as yet though.

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Gravity Rush 2 1

What's a little strange about Gravity Rush 2 is that it's a totally single-player experience. The only multiplayer aspect of the game is that it'll feature a chat room so you can talk to fellow Gravity Rush players while you game. You'll be able to share those travel pictures and expertly framed selfies with them too.

The lack of multiplayer is strange the game's story screams coop. Former nemesis Raven makes a comeback in Gravity Rush 2, but this time around she's your loyal friend. Controlled by AI, she'll help you in battle using her own powers and feathered sidekick. It would have made sense to have the option for Raven to be controlled by a friend, even in split-screen local co-op, but instead the studio is focusing on making this a strong solo experience.

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Gravity Rush 2 7

The team has worked hard to add more variation to gameplay and combat in Gravity Rush 2. Unlike its predecessor, Gravity Rush 2 is going against science and making Newton roll in his grave by introducing three types of gravity.

The idea is that this will give players more freedom to develop their combat style, working out which moves work best for them or the different types of enemies.

First up, there's the traditional sort of gravity, which is the same as it was in the first Gravity Rush. But, to complement this, there are two other gravity types: Lunar Style and Jupiter Style, which are found on the up and down buttons of the D-Pad respectively.

Lunar Gravity lets Kat to move faster and jump higher, with your gravity kick transformed into a wormhole kick for making enemies disappear.

Jupiter Gravity on the other hand makes you slower, but much more powerful. It's surf kick attack can defeat multiple enemies at once, while its stasis throw will collect environmental debris and items, like boxes, to create a devastating attack.

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Gravity Rush 2 11

You'll want to combine these three types of gravity in order to become a versatile and powerful fighter. And you'll need to step up your game from last time as the game now has multiple enemy types, including the Nevi from the original game alongside human soldiers and robots.

First Impressions

If you enjoyed the original Gravity Rush then this PS4-bound sequel is bound to delight. It's mixing things up to keep gameplay fresh and the revamped graphics are a welcome change.

I'll be intrigued to see how the game handles with a DualShock 4 controller when I get to go hands on, just because the original game was so heavily centred around the Vita's control system.

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