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Best Washing Machines Round-up

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Originally reviewed by Richard Stevenson 05 December 2014

Best Value Washing Machine

Key Features:
  • 8kg drum for up to 40 shirts per wash
  • Steam Refresh and Steam Softener modes
  • 10-year warranty on drum motor

Our pick of the best value washing machine isn't the cheapest machine in our round-up, it costs around £550 to £600 at current prices, but it's fantastic value because of the features, performance and all-round quality you get for your money. This 8kg machine has a great, modern look, too – it's definitely one of the most stylish machines at this price.

What really sells it to us is the inclusion of a steam action system – a feature we normally see on more expensive machines. This gives you two unique and really helpful options. Our favourite is the Steam Refresh, which lets you give only lightly used garments a quick blast of steam to kill germs and remove odours. It's perfect for clothes that have picked up nasty smells in restaurants, but are otherwise fine. It's also useful for reducing creases at the end of wash cycles.

The other feature is Steam Softener, which uses steam as an alternative to fabric softener. We wouldn't recommend this for delicate materials like wool, but it's handy alternative and a money saver at that. Overall, if you're looking for a mid-range machine then this is a great option.

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