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Best Washing Machines Round-up

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Best Washing Machines

Choosing the best washing machine is a purchase that's worth researching properly. To help you choose we've selected the top washing machines that we've tried and tested in our lab.

Whether you're looking for a cheap washing machine for £300 or so, or have a little more to spend, our round-up includes something for everyone.

In our most recent update we've removed one Samsung washing machine and replaced it with a new LG washing machine, a machine we think offers the best all-round value for anyone looking to spend £500.

You can pick out the best for you from the list below, or hit the 'Next' arrow to go through each one by one.

How we test washing machines

All of the washing machines that make our best washing machines list have been scientifically tested, evaluated and rated based on nine specific criteria:

Design & Ease of Use

Here we look for style and simplicity. Looks might not matter to everyone, but if your washing machine lives in your kitchen then it's better to have one that looks good. We also look for simple, easy to understand controls.

Washing Quality

Every washing machine we test includes a test strain strip of wine, coffee, blood, ketchup, fruit juice and engine oil and we always use the same, known brand non-bio washing detergent in every washing machine we test.

Spin Efficiency

We weigh clothes after each wash to determine how much water is left over. Too much water weight means clothes will take ages to dry, which is just plain annoying.


We measure the noise in decibels for every machine during it spin and wash cycles and compare it the to manufacturer claims. We also keep an ear out for knocking noises that will prove distracting.

Running Costs and Value

We calculate the approximate annual running cost based on typical UK usage for every machine using full, half loads and eco modes. We also look at whether the machine is good value based on the features and performance on offer compared to other machines at the same price.

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