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Best Washing Machines Round-up

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Best Washing Machines

Choosing the best washing machine is a purchase that's worth researching properly, but it doesn't have to be a difficult decision. Our best washing machine round-up should help you draw up a shortlist, and each and every one has been tried and tested in our lab.

This round-up includes washing machines of every size and price to save you time and money. Prices range from £300 all the way up to well over £1,000 for the very best, smartest and quietest Miele and Samsung machines.

You can pick out the best for you from the list below, or hit the 'Next' arrow to go through each one by one.

How we test washing machines

All of the washing machines that make our best washing machines list have been scientifically tested, evaluated and rated based on nine specific criteria, including design and build quality, washing quality, spin efficiency, noise, speed, and value for money.
Each washing machine goes through the exact same testing, including multiple washes on full loads and half-loads using the normal cotton program and ‘eco’ mode.

We calculate the approximate annual running cost based on typical UK usage, and we weigh clothes after each wash to determine how much water is left over. Too much water weight means clothes will take ages to dry, which is just plain annoying.
Our stain test includes common stains such as wine, coffee, blood, ketchup, fruit juice and engine oil and we always use the same, known brand non-bio washing detergent in every washing machine we test.

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