ZombiU Review



  • Tense, brooding atmosphere
  • Brilliant use of the Wii U Pad
  • A serious challenge


  • Unforgiving difficulty level
  • Backtracking and repetition
  • Average graphics

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £43.99


ZombiU has risen from almost nowhere to become the third most important title in the Wii U launch line-up. While Mario has the long-term Nintendo fan covered, and Nintendo Land can woo both them and the Wii’s mainstream crowd, ZombiU demonstrates that the new console isn’t just for cute stuff – it can also handle big, innovative, hardcore-friendly adult games. In fact, it does this arguably too well. This is a game so hardcore that it’s going to be like marmite even amongst more serious game fans.

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ZombiU – A New Style of Horror

When you hear the words Zombie, Horror and first-person in a sentence, you might be led to believe that ZombiU is a shooter in the vein of F.E.A.R. or Left 4 Dead. In fact, it’s quite a different experience; a blend of the original Resident Evil, Dark Souls and modern Zombie fiction like 28 Days Later or The Walking Dead.

Just as you could see Dark Souls as a counterpart to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, with a darker, more brutal atmosphere and an unforgiving difficulty level, so you could see ZombiU as a counterpart to the Resident Evil series. This isn’t the Zombie game as all-action blockbuster, but the Zombie game as a gritty and desperate struggle for survival. In other words, it’s not a game that rewards heroism or feats of derring do.


You play one of a chain of survivors, fighting for a living on the streets of a fictionalised London in the grip of a Zombie plague. Guided by the mysterious voice of ‘the Prepper’ you take shelter in an underground safe house in return for going on missions that might help the Prepper fight the outbreak.

You’ll explore the hidden underbelly of London, from secret bunkers beneath Buckingham Palace to old tunnels underneath the Tower of London, and there’s an interesting plot involving secret societies and Elizabethan man of mystery, John Dee.

ZombiU – Dead by Dawn

Here’s the twist: In ZombiU, death means death. There are no checkpoints, no restarts and few really safe hiding places. If your current protagonist succumbs to the shambling undead menace, he or she becomes a zombie, and another survivor takes their place. The survivor’s first task is then to locate and dispatch their predecessor and grab all the valuables in their bag, lest these be lost for good.

This in itself poses a challenge, but ZombiU makes things harder because you’re initially so weak in combat. Each survivor starts with a pistol, around six rounds and a cricket bat. Your average zombie takes one and often two shots right to the head before they go down, and around four-to-six good blows with the bat.

The zombies, meanwhile, can take you out with just a handful of clawing attacks, or if you’re really unlucky, one good grab and chomp. As a result, single zombies don’t pose much of a challenge, but groups or surprise attacks can be absolutely lethal.


ZombiU is tough. You have a sonar-like device to spot nearby hostiles, and a scanner you can use to check out the vicinity by pointing and aiming the Wii U Pad in front of the TV – the big screen changes to a third-person view, while the pad shows you the scanner screen as you’d see it in real life.

ZombiU is all about self-preservation through preparation, carefully gathering flares, grenades, molotovs and the painfully inadequate supplies of ammo, and watching for any signs of zombie action. Loud noises tend to attract your brain-hungry chums, so shooting is frequently unwise, and the same even goes for your torch. Play as a Zombie-blasting hardnut and you won’t last long.

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