Synology DiskStation DS415+ Review - Performance, Value & Verdict Review


Synology DS415+ Performance

On paper the DS415+ promises good things and in reality it delivers as well.


a variety of large files across our network produces rock solid speeds

of 112MBps in both directions. This is the DS415+ hitting the bottleneck

for Gigabit Ethernet and while both the DS414 and Netgear ReadyNAS 314

achieved this within a margin of error for read speeds this is the

first time we’ve seen a mid-range NAS hit it for write speeds as well.


Synology’s claims that the DS415+ is optimised for encryption are true.

The NAS barely breaks a sweat using its AES-NI hardware encryption

engine and while results fluctuate there is only about a 10 per cent dip

using encryption and it still bumped into the limits of Gigabit

Ethernet regularly.

When it comes to Link Aggregation, this

remains a technology of diminishing returns. Performance increases

fluctuate between 30 and 50% gains but it requires a switch and LA

compliant hardware of which very few PCs are and no laptops. 10GbE (10

Gigabit Ethernet) really could do with coming to the fore but, despite

being around since 2007, it remains prohibitively expensive.


DS415+ also excelled when it came to our CPU-crunching small files test.

This drags a 2GB folder of over 2,000 different small files across the

network and produced average reads of 39.5MBps and writes of 38.5MBps.

Again new benchmarks, though only slightly ahead of the DS414. This is

interesting since the DS415 has the meatier processor and

increased RAM, but up to now the Marvell Armada chip has put all

equivalent Intel processors to the sword.


we come to noise. This will depend on the number and type of drives you

fit, but using our WD Red test drives we found the DS415+ to be

fractionally louder than the DS414 with idle and load noise of 26

decibels and 31 decibels respectively at one metre. This still means the

DS415+ is easily quiet enough to stick in a quiet office or living room.

Should I buy the Synology DS415+?


key question here is one of price. The DS415+ is an exceptional NAS

that improves on the DS414, our favourite mid-range NAS to date. That

said with an RRP of £450 (unpopulated) the new NAS runs about £100 more

than the DS414 and it still performs within touching distance of the


Of course where the DS415+ is a master is encryption. So, if you

need it the new NAS will prove a great buy. If you don’t there’s no

reason not to opt for the ageless DS414. Both are head and shoulders

above the pack.


The DS415+ is a stylish,

quiet and intuitive NAS that is very fast, especially using

encryption. It’s only rival is the DS414 which can do everything almost

as well for £100 less but lacks its dedicated encryption hardware. So if

security is a key focus, midrange NAS currently don’t get better than

the DS415+.

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Score in detail

  • Performance 10
  • Value 8
  • Features 9
  • Build Quality 8
  • Usability 9
  • Design 8