Samsung UE65JS9000 Review - 3D, Sound and Verdict Review


Samsung UE65JS9000 – 3D Picture Quality

Once again we’re very much in ‘wow’ territory with the UE65JS9000’s 3D performance.


starters detail levels from 3D Blu-rays are immense, thanks to the way

Samsung’s set upscales – brilliantly – the source HD images to UHD. The

extra detail and pixel density on show works wonders when it comes to

making the 3D worlds on show feel more solid and tangible – especially

as Samsung is now so much cleverer about the way the upscaling works, so

that there’s no over-stressing of things like source grain or sharply

contrasted edges.

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of contrast, the UE65JS9000’s immense dynamic range delivers a huge

gamut of luminance levels and colour tones with 3D content that has a

spectacular effect on the way the screen is able to create a sense of

depth and solidity in the 3D frame.

Samsung UE65JS9000


brightness at the UE65JS9000’s heart also helps propel the images off

the screen in a much more satisfyingly aggressive and intense way than

you often get with active 3D technology, and the improvements with

motion handling we noted in the 2D picture section are if anything even

more palpable in 3D, which now looks beautifully natural rather than

either judder or processed as it did on the UE65JS9500 sample we had. As

we mentioned before, this is likely down to improvements in Samsung’s

latest firmware, so it could well be that the UE65JS9500 now enjoys

improved motion too. We’ve just received a UE78JS9500, so we’ll check

this out for ourselves while reviewing that model.

It’s also

great to find that despite the brightness of its 3D images the

UE65JS9000 does a good job of suppressing the double ghosting noise

known as crosstalk. It’s not completely absent, but its appearances are

rare and subtle enough not to detract in any major way from the overall

mesmerising 3D effect.

A much bigger distraction, actually, is

the backlight clouding problem. The 3D preset on our test model

defaulted to a situation where the backlight was set to its maximum

output while the Smart LED (local dimming) feature was switched off.

This resulted in gross amounts of backlight clouding impacting dark 3D

scenes, with the 3D effect actually emphasising the clouding as it

appears to lie across the surface of the image like reflected moonlight

on a pond.

Fortunately, ramping down the backlight to its 14 or

15 level and activating the Smart LED feature hugely reduces the

clouding problem – though obviously at the expense of a chunk of the

brightness you can enjoy with 3D on the UE65JS9500.

Samsung UE65JS9000 – Sound Quality


UE65JS9000 is a decent rather than spectacular audio performer.

Considering it only carries a down-firing speaker system it does a good

job of making sound appear locked to the correct parts of the screen,

and delivers a decently large-scale soundstage. It has a better crack at

underpinning the soundstage with bass than most down-firing speaker

systems too, and dialogue is generally clear and authentic sounding.

Samsung UE65JS9000


a lack of detail in the treble register versus the best-sounding TVs,

though, and the bass register can start to sound congested and

overwhelmed when the going gets tough. Also the sound lacks that sense

of attack you get with front-firing speaker systems.

Other things to consider


UE65JS9000 is a stunning screen for gaming. For as well as injecting

gorgeous life into video game graphics with its intense brightness,

contrast and colour punch, with most of its picture processing turned

off we measured input lag (the time it takes for a screen to render

incoming image data) at only a fraction over 20ms. This is an excellent

result for a UHD TV, and should have only minimal impact on your gaming


Samsung UE65JS9000


other thing worth mentioning here is the new Smart TV remote control

Samsung ships with the UE65JS9000. It’s a huge improvement over last

year’s effort, providing more physical separation between the different

point and click and button navigation control options, and doing away

with the fiddly touch pad entirely. The streamlined button count is

mostly welcome too.

Should I buy a Samsung UE65JS9000?


other brand has HDR-capable TVs due imminently, and even when they do

appear we suspect they’re going to struggle to rival the quality

delivered by the UE65JS9000.

As for the question of whether the UE65JS9000 is a whole £2000 less impressive than the UE65JS9500,

the fairly straightforward answer is no. There’s no doubt that the

UE65JS9500 is the better performer, especially as you don’t have to

worry about backlight clouding. But the UE65JS9000 is still more than

good enough to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the edge LED

TV crowd right now, and the £2000 it saves you versus the UE65JS9500

clearly represents a substantial amount of money to typical UK


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the need to work around potential backlight clouding issues means the

UE65JS9000 is a noticeable step down from the incredible UE65JS9500, the

extent of that step-down is pretty easy to live with in the context of

the UE65JS9000’s £2000 cheaper price tag. Which means that an all-round

package the UE65JS9000 is every bit as remarkable as its

benchmark-setting sibling.


Score in detail

  • 3D Quality 9
  • Value 8
  • Smart TV 9
  • Design 9
  • 2D Quality 10
  • Sound Quality 7