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Candy Crush Jelly Saga tips and tricks

Make sure you’re ready to face the jelly

As Candy Crush Jelly Saga hits Google Play, the App Store and even the Windows Store, it’s time to get ready to lose many hours (and potentially pounds too) to King’s latest addiction.

Like its forebearers it’s so sweet it’ll hurt your teeth just looking at it, but retains all the addictive qualities that have had me hooked from day one.

For those who haven’t tasted the nectar goodness of Candy Crush, here’s a few Candy Crush Jelly Saga tips and tricks to get you closer to Candy Kingdom.

1. All the special sweets still stand

Anyone who’s an existing Candy Crush addict – I know I am – will be familiar with the patterns required to make all the special sweets that will always turn the game in your favour. And, you’ll be pleased to hear that all existing special candies are still available in Jelly Saga.

For newbies, this means you need to do the following to create each special candy:

  • Match four in a row – Creates striped candy that will clear a full line when next matched
  • Match four in a 2×2 square – Creates a fish, which will attack one other square when next matched.
  • Match five in a row – Creates a spotted candy that clears all sweets of the colour it is matched with. Will also turn all matched colours into a wrapped or striped candy if matched.
  • Match five in a T-shape – Create a wrapped candy that will explode when matched, taking out any sweets that are touching it.
  • Match six or more – Create a glass sweet that can change the colour of any sweets it is matched with, raising the chance of creating a special candy.

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga

2. Existing players get 50 free gold bars

If you’ve been a loyal Candy Crush fan and linked your account to your Facebook profile, you might want to check your emails. Anyone who downloads Candy Crush Jelly Saga who has played the original Candy Crush Saga or Candy Crush Soda Saga will win themselves 50 free gold bars.

These are usually only available via in-app purchases, with 10 costing 79p. So getting 50 for free is a real boon for loyal players.

3. Watch out for the Pufflers

There are a few new faces in Jelly Saga, including the protagonist Jenny (a yeti), but the most irritating – and adorable – are the Pufflers. These Flump-like marshmallow catapillars are lurking beneath the frosting of levels, and it’s your job to free them. 

The problem is though, is that they don’t want to be found. As you crack the frosting, you’ll eventually find a head or tail of a Puffler. But, as soon as you do, they’ll move to another area of the level.

However, if you watch, you can see where they move to by watching the movement of the frosting.

Make sure those little monsters don’t evade you. Especially in Boss Mode. 

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga

4. Know how to control Boss Mode

The new Boss mode in Candy Crush Jelly Saga sees you battling another character to win a level. You’ll either have to be the first one to find a certain number of Pufflers or cover more of the level with your own coloured jelly.

You’ll still have a move limit, so it pays to know the tricks as to how to beat your opponents.

So here are our hints:

  • If you create a special candy, you’ll stun the enemy and nab yourself an extra move
  • Creating three specials in a row gives you a special strike that makes the next move you make rather explosive
  • Your opponent will warn you that they can make a special on their move along the top of the screen. Keep and eye on them before you make your switch.
  • Focus on removing frosting in Puffler levels, as they then won’t be able to move so far.

5. Be more tactical

Because of these new Boss mode levels, you’ll need to think before you switch. Don’t just go matching candies willy nilly, moves are tight, bosses are mean and if you’re not careful you’ll be getting very cross indeed with Jelly Saga. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

6. The tickets are back

One of the best things about Candy Crush Soda Saga was the lack of ticketing. But sadly, it seems with Jelly Saga King has brought them back. I’m not there yet, but lurking around level 41 is a balloon with three character icons on them, which means you’ll need to get your Facebook buddies to give you tickets in order to progress.

Better start enlisting some Candy Crush friends now.

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