Facebook’s new tool is designed to help you spend less time on Facebook

A new feature aptly named ‘Your time on Facebook’ looks set to become the latest weapon in Mark Zuckerberg’s arsenal, as the founder of the social network attempts to combat the recent onslaught of negativity.

The new tool, which is still under development, was discovered in the Android version of the Facebook app by TechCrunch.

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As its name suggests, it will show you how much time you’ve spent on the Facebook app on each of the last seven days, and your average time on Facebook per day.

It could also allow you to self-impose time limits for the Facebook app. When you hit them, the app will flash a reminder on your screen.

Facebook and Zuckerberg in particular have received huge amounts of criticism over recent months. Earlier this year, remember, the company was accused of allowing Cambridge Analytica to “misuse” the data of millions of its users.

Facebook and other social networks have also been repeatedly criticised for apparently making users feel depressed about themselves.

The new tool is designed to help change the narrative, and it could well prove useful. However, Facebook also owns Instagram, and it would appear strange for the company to only roll the feature out to one of its social platforms.

Your time on Facebook isn’t out yet, but if you’re interested in keeping tabs on how long you spend on your favourite apps, you can always check out QualityTime.

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