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Xiaomi rumoured to be planning GoPro rival

China’s hottest smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, is said to be planning the launch of its own GoPro-like action camera.

Following hot on the heels of smartphone rival HTC with its odd RE camera, Xiaomi reportedly wants a piece of the action camera pie.

That’s what a new report from GizChina says, anyway. Apparently, rumour has it that Xiaomi will be the first Chinese manufacturer to have a go at producing an action camera specifically targeted at the home Chinese market. There seems to be increasing call for such a thing.

It’s claimed that Xiaomi is teaming up with Shanghai-based Ant Technology to produce this new action camera, and that a release could come as soon as this year.

Of course, while a Chinese action camera wouldn’t appear to threaten GoPro’s undisputed global position at present, the prospect of a solidly build and significantly more affordable alternative should give the American company pause for though.

While GoPro has this corner of the camera market pretty much sewn up, the higher end of the range remains rather expensive for all but extreme sports fans and those with high amounts of disposable income.

If Xiaomi can show the way with an accomplished, fully featured action camera for around the price of GoPro’s entry-level Hero (£100), then GoPro may well start to sweat. And not from a vigorous bike ride through the woods, either.

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Via: IntoMobile