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Video: What’s the best Mario game ever made?

We’re celebrating Mario’s 35th Birthday!

On July 9th, 1981 Mario appeared as ‘JumpMan’ (originally called named ‘Mr. Video’) in Donkey Kong.

We’re here to celebrate his birthday as TrustedReviews Games Editor Brett Phipps (@InverteBrett) and Reviews Editor Alastair Stevenson (@MonkeyGuru) go Head-to-Head over which is the best Mario game.


Super Mario World on the SNES!

Super Mario 3 was one of my favourite games, but Super Mario World took it to the next level. There was so much level variety, unlockables and secret areas. Playing on my Dad’s hand-me-down SNES, I was blown away how nice Super Mario World looked and played.

I was also a HUGE fan of The Super Mario World cartoon – I used to watch it every week on TV!


Super Mario Land 2 on the GameBoy!

I’m a big fan of all the classic Mario’s, but Super Mario Land 2 was not only open world, but it introduced one of the best villains in gaming history – Wario. Was there a bad Wario game? I don’t think so!

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There’s also a big nostalgia factor, I remember playing Super Mario Land 2 on my Game Boy in the back of the car as we went on family trips – it brings back a lot of great childhood memories.


Have Brett and Alastair got it all wrong? Is Mario Party 4 actually the best game?


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Have your say in the debate and let us know which you think is the best Mario game in the comments below or tweet us @trustedreviews.