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Valve confirms no Steam Machine presence at CES 2015

Valve has confirmed it won’t be attending CES 2015, meaning no Steam Machine or SteamOS update in January.
Last year, Valve officially announced the Steam Machine project, SteamOS and the special Steam Controller at CES 2014. However, it looks like the Las Vegas show won’t be used to showcase any updates for Steam.
That’s according to Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of Marketing, speaking to TechRadar.
He added that instead of using CES, Valve would have a large Steam Machine presence at GDC 2015 in early March.
Lombardi wouldn’t elaborate as to what would be shown off at GDC 2015, or whether any of Valve’s Steam Machine partners would also be announcing news.
That said, it could be that some of the partners may show off their Steam Machines at CES 2015 independently of a showing from Valve.
Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell held a special press conference at CES 2014 to announce over a dozen Steam Machine partners, including Alienware, CyberPower and Gigabyte.
However, despite initially strong promises, the Steam Machines haven’t quite managed to materialise this year. And it doesn’t look like we’re going to see any released before Christmas.
Alienware’s Steam Machine is probably the closest to retail. Its Alpha Steam Machine went up for pre-order in August, and will start shipping on November 21 if you’re interested.
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