Vaio announces two new high-end hybrid laptops

Former Sony and now independent PC brand Vaio has announced two new hybrid laptops.

Vaio launched its first laptops as a stand-alone company back in July of last year, but they were largely identical to pre-existing Sony Vaio efforts.

Now the Vaio Z and the Vaio Z Canvass have been announced in Tokyo, and they look to be the company’s first truly fresh offerings. Several years ago, the Z range represented the best that Vaio could offer.

Sure enough, the Vaio Z is a premium 13.3-inch hybrid laptop. It features a fifth generation Core i7 CPU, a high-speed SSD, and an aluminium carbon shell. The latter means that it weighs just 1.34kg.

Engadget reports that the hybrid part comes in the form of a ‘multiflip’ mode, which allows the screen to be twisted and oriented so as to form a tablet, a laptop, or an outwards-facing screen.

Another impressive spec is that the Vaio Z will last 15.5 hours on a single charge – that’s the longest battery life of any Vaio laptop to date.

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As for the Vaio Z Compass, that’s a 12.1-inch laptop/tablet hybrid with a completely detachable 2,560 x 1,704 screen. As you might expect, given the name and design, it’ll come with a stylus for creative tablet doodling.

The Vaio Z is available for pre-order now in Japan, and costs a rather steep 190,000 yen (£1,040). The Vaio Z Canvass will be made available in May. Both appear set for launch in Japan only.