Titanfall 2 multiplayer servers to be hosted by Multiplay Game Services

Electronic Arts has announced that Titanfall 2 will be supported by Multiplay Game Services to reduce server downtime and enhance user experience.

The new service supports cloud-based hybrid technology that aims to make multiplayer servers more responsive and less likely to suffer from disruptions.

Titanfall 2 will include a “powerful base-layer of dedicated servers, minimal latency and maximum capacity through Multiplay’s cloud-bursting tech,” according to Multiplay.

“The Titanfall 2 launch is going to be bigger and better than the last game and what’s really important to me is that the game just works,” said Jon Shiring, lead programmer at Respawn Entertainment. “We wanted to make sure we had an insane amount of scalability and reliability, so we partnered with Multiplay because they have a great deal of expertise in game server hosting and a very clever auto-scaling product that can abstract away different cloud environments that lets us focus on making games.”

“We have been working closely with Multiplay to ensure we utilize multiple clouds as well as bare metal servers in every region our game will be on sale. Giving us more flexibility, more local data centers, endless scalability, and the highest reliability will result in the best service we can offer to millions of players.”

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Titanfall 2 will build upon the original game with its improved multiplayer component and an all new single-player campaign.

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