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Tim Cook calls AirPods ‘a runaway success,’ but some users are reporting issues

Tim Cook is supposed to be on vacation for the Christmas period, but instead he’s touring the New York Stock Exchange and informing reporters Apple had a “great holiday.”

Cook also claimed the long-delayed AirPods wireless earphones that began arriving just in time for insertion in Christmas stockings, have been a “runaway success.”

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The Apple CEO said: “We’re making them just as fast as we can.”

Those ordering today will need to wait six weeks if ordering online today.


However, actually acquiring them isn’t the only AirPods-related issue currently doing the rounds. (via MacRumors).

Some who already own the W1-enabled wireless wonders claim the battery case accessory is having a hard time maintaining charge when inactive.

The case, which is designed to replenish the AirPods multiple times from a single charge is supposed to provide a full 24 hours of usage.

However, some users are noticing drains upwards of 40% within a few hours, even when the AirPods are fully charged within.

One Redditor enduring the problem received a replacement from Apple and did not experience the issue second time around. Other posters’ AirPods cases are also suffering from the issue.

So, it appears at least some cases in the wild are faulty. How widespread the issue actually is remains to be seen.

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