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Tesla Powerwall gets 38,000 pre-orders

Tesla has announced that it has received 38,000 pre-orders for its ambitious Powerwall home battery.

During the company’s recent earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed how his off-the-grid home battery had been faring since its announcement last week.

“The response has been overwhelming. Like, crazy,” said Musk. He added that there had been 38,000 pre-orders for the Powerwall, which apparently amounts to “crazy off the hook” numbers.

These pre-orders should account for Tesla’s production output through to mid 2016, so the Powerwall is essentially sold out for the next year.

Tesla has also received 2,500 reservations for the industrial-sized PowerPack. Given that these orders average 10 units each, Musk reckons that this figure is more like 25,000.

The Powerwall is a sleek stationary battery pack designed to be mounted on a wall in the average home. Its ability to harness solar energy means that it is “completely sustainable, zero carbon,” and can be charged from the existing power grid and from sustainable sources.

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It can also carry out money-saving load shifting, which means that it charges up overnight when energy rates are cheapest for use during the day when it’s most expensive. Meanwhile solar power can provide a free top up during the day, if available.

Tesla’s Powerwall is essentially made from the same Lithium Ion cells that power its electric cars, such as the Model S. It costs $3,500 (around £2,281) – or it will when you can finally get your hands on one.