Tesla Model 3 orders top 198,000, just hours after reveal

Almost 200,000 pre-orders have been placed for the Tesla Model 3, just 24 hours after Elon Musk’s firm revealed its most affordable vehicle yet.

In a pair of tweets on Friday afternoon Musk revealed the average order price of $42,000 means the coffers will swell by $7.5bn if all of the pre-orders are converted into sales.

Those wishing to reserve the Model 3, which starts at $35,000, had to place a deposit of $1,000. That means Tesla pocketed a cool $198m before day one is over.

Prior to the launch event on Thursday night, Musk had secured 115,00 pre-orders and the number has grown by another 83,000 since.

Musk says the number for its first mass-market car is growing fast, with wait times also rapidly on the rise.



Revealed at the Tesla California design studio on March 31, the Model 3 Sedan can muster 0-60mph in just 6 seconds and has a range of at least 215 miles on a full charge.

Users will have the option of all-wheel or rear wheel drive for the car, which will commence shipping by the end of 2017.

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The Model 3, like the Model S, also has premium features like the all-glass roof, Autopilot facility and the iPad-like 15-inch touchscreen display in the centre console.


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