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Tech of the Week: The LG Gram 2-in-1 and Samsung Galaxy S10e star in this week’s show

It is a Monday, so Trusted Reviews’ Tech of the Week show has returned with a slightly tweaked format, and hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the LG Gram 2-in-1 in our fleshy mitts.

Hosted by deputy mobile editor Alex Walker-Todd and computing writer Ryan Jones, the pair also talk about games streaming, inspired by the Google announcement this week that’s almost certainly going to talk about game streaming.

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Then, Ryan talks us through the LG Gram 2-in-1, a lightweight laptop with a clean and functional design that, excitingly perhaps just for me, still has room for plenty of ports. Oh, and it does the flippy 2-in-1 thing I love where you can twist it around on its hinges.

Elsewhere, Alex gives us the skinny on the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the budget entry into the Samsung Galaxy S10 range that could well be the strongest option in the entire lineup for most users.

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Like the iPhone XR, the Galaxy S10e takes most of the headline features from its flashier siblings and offers them in a package that’s easier on the wallet.” Alex says, in his Samsung Galaxy S10e review. “This isn’t a cheap phone – and it’s not trying to be – but neither is it an investment in the same vein as, say, the S10 Plus.”

It comes in a nice, bright, yellow colour too which is a real boon if, like me, you love a splash of colour on things that you you carry around every day and lose constantly.

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