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Styletto Connect: Breaking the stigma around hearing aids with style

Signia’s just launched a new super-swish, hi-tech hearing aid it hopes will stop self-conscious people suffering from hearing loss avoiding getting the help they need.

The Styletto Connect were unveiled on Friday and have a similar design to most true wireless earphones, featuring two aids that can be conveniently charged in a portable case.

Chief marketing officer Maarten Barmentlo told Trusted Reviews the company intentionally focused on making the aids look as sleek and discrete as possible in a bid to break the stigma around hearing loss.

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“We created Styletto to break the stigma associated with traditional hearing aid design. We know that many of those with hearing loss do not wear hearing aids because the look and feel does not match their image of themselves. Styletto is for them and anyone else that wants the best technology with exceptional design,” he said.

Barmentlo added the company currently views the Styletto as a first-gen product and that the company plans to develop it based of use feedback to ensure there’s a version that meets multiple people’s style.

“We have been really delighted by the market’s reaction to Styletto and we are listening carefully to our customers and consumers with an open mind about what they may want in the future,” he said.

“ The design of Styletto and its portable charger is already an attractive solution for teenagers and older kids. [But for now] no paediatric range is planned for children under 3 given the unique needs of this age group not matching the Styletto Concept.”

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The aids have been designed to double as true wireless earphones, to further boost their appeal to younger users. The buds can connect to phones via Bluetooth and offer a full day’s use as hearing aids and five hours of streaming on a single charge. The case carries enough charge to keep them working as hearing aids for up to four days.

For active users the Styletto have been designed to meet IP68 water and dust resistance standards and will be available in black, silver, gold, white and blue colourings.

The hearing aid tech is based on the Signia Nx platform and can be remotely tuned and monitored by health care professionals using a custom myHearing smartphone app.

Barmentlo didn’t confirm which UK hospitals or healthcare institutions will carry the Stylettos. The only details he gave were:

“Styletto Connect is available in our traditional channels and this is where we expect the purchases to be made given that it’s a fully fledged hearing instrument that requires professional fitting by a qualified provider.”

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