SoundCloud partners with Zefr to bring power back to music labels

Music-hosting site SoundCloud has struck up a deal with Zefr to help it combat copyright infringement.

The new partnership will make it easier for music labels to flag up illegally-uploaded content and submit takedown requests.

However, since SoundCloud already has its own system for identifying copyrighted content, it’s likely that music labels will now also be able to monetise their songs, even if they’ve been illegally uploaded.

YouTube already uses Zefr in this manner, enabling copyright owners to re-claim their music and start running ads on it.

“We are excited to use our technology and expertise to help make SoundCloud a go-to platform for content creators and advertisers,” said Zach James, the co-founder of Zefr.

It’s good news all round, since SoundCloud, which launched in 2008 and first began serving ads last year, will make a bit of cash at the same time.

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“SoundCloud is continuing its evolution as a mature platform for labels and advertisers,” said Alexander Ljung, the co-founder and CEO of SoundCloud. “Working with Zefr, SoundCloud is taking another step to becoming the powerhouse player in the digital audio business.”

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