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Sony vows to trim mobile and TV line-up as focus shifts to PS4

Tech fans can expect to see less Bravia TVs and Xperia smartphone and tablet launches over the next couple of years, as Sony looks to trim the fat from its product line-ups.

In detailing its strategy for the next three years, Sony claimed it is willing to sacrifice sales of its televisions and mobile devices in order to secure a return to profitability for those divisions.

Xperia sales haven’t grown in the way insiders and outsiders predicted in the last few years, while the Bravia division has long been an expensive millstone dragging down Sony’s bottom line.

The company has launched a massive array of phones and tablets under the Xperia moniker and it would seem some of the lesser models could be sacrificed as a result. Sony has also insisted on upgrading its flagship Xperia Z series model every six months for the last couple of years and perhaps that trend will subside too. 

We’re not aiming for size or market share but better profits,” Sony’s new mobile chief Hiroki Totoki told investors.

With less televisions and smartphones hitting the market, Sony will switch focus to the ultra-successful PlayStation 4, which has been a sales juggernaut since its launch one year ago.

Sony said it aims to boost revenue created by the gaming division by a quarter in the next three years. It plans to do so by boosting the ‘revenue per paying user’ through connected services like live TV, video and music subscriptions.

The firm is also relying on its image sensor trade to boost sales. Sony camera sensors already appear in every new iPhone, while a growing number of manufacturers as also using Sony as a supplier.

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Via: Reuters